Study programmes

Bachelor programmes are often referred to undergraduate programmes. They generally require three years of full-time study.

Master programmes involve one or two years of study and continue to build on theory and research from the undergraduate programme.

PhD programmes, or doctoral degrees, involve three or four years of study and are largely research-based. (Hint: get one of these and your title becomes Dr.)

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Higher education in the Netherlands is divided into two groups: research-oriented universities and vocational universities or colleges of applied sciences. Research-based universities focus on independent thinking, whereas vocational institutes will get you ready for a specific career. Both offer Bachelor and Master programmes, but only research universities offer doctoral degree programmes. Here are some of the major ones:

UvA (Universiteit van Amsterdam)

Globally renowned university, UvA is the largest university in the Netherlands. It has six Nobel laureates, including Tobias Asser (1911), who won the Nobel Peace Prize for his role as legal arbiter, among its alumni.

It currently offers 13 Bachelor programmes and more than 50 Master programmes in English.

“The UvA is the highest ranked Dutch university in the subject areas Social Sciences and Physical Sciences.”

VU (Vrije Universiteit)

Literally translated as the “free university”, VU is a modern campus with a large international student base that consistently shines in international rankings. Former Prime Minister Jan Peter Balkenende is among its graduates. 

It currently offers 6 Bachelor programmes and more than 80 Master programmes in English.

“Vrije University consistently ranks in the top 200 universities in the world.”

AUC (Amsterdam University College)

AUC is a join initiative of UcA and VU which specialises in undergraduate programmes in liberal arts and sciences. With small classes and one-on-one tutorial sessions, it aims to hothouse young talent to shape future leaders.

All programmes are in English.

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