Sign up for the International Student ID Card

The International Student ID Card (ISIC) is a widely accepted form of student identification that gives you access to discounts in the Netherlands as well as overseas. Use it in stores or online to save on everything from dining out to travel. 

Museums and galleries

The following museums and galleries offer discounted student tickets:

Cinemas, opera and ballet

Pathé, the largest cinema chain in the Netherlands, has special prices for students during the week. Amsterdam’s smaller art-house cinemas (and cinemas in most cities in the Amsterdam Area) also have discounted tickets available.  

Try your luck at the Dutch National Opera and Ballet, where unsold seats (even the really good ones!) are sold to students for a fraction of the price at the last minute.

Discounts in retail stores

Many well-known retail stores in the Amsterdam Area offer discounts to help you look your best during your student years. Try fashion stores such as Topshop and We Fashion for discount programmes targeted at students. Apple stores around the world have special savings on products relating to higher education and the American Book Center has reduced prices for students in need of something a little lighter than those textbooks.