City Card shopping basket

Conscious shopping

When it comes to shopping in Amsterdam, sustainability and social consciousness are just as important as style. This cycle route is designed to guide you around some of the best stores that impact society in a positive way. Hop on your bike and shop for eco-friendly design, locally-brewed craft beer and fair fashion. And you’ll find a mouth-watering assortment of organic and vegan lunch options for when you’ve shopped up an appetite. 

A shopping trip with social benefits

Although they sell beautiful and highly desirable goodies, these stores operate as social enterprises. This means that earning a profit is not the main goal, and the entrepreneurs instead turn their attention to adding social value. Innovative social enterprises are a growing phenomenon around the world, and Amsterdam is leading the way. This conscious shopping route is an initiative of Amsterdam Impact in collaboration with Social Enterprise NLImpact Hub Amsterdam and Platform Sociale Firma's.