The Amsterdam Economic Board encourages innovation and collaboration between businesses, knowledge institutes and government organisations. Our goal is to foster sustainable economic growth in the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area by focusing on five urban challenges: health, mobility, digital connectivity, circular economy, and jobs of the future.

The Amsterdam Metropolitan Area will excel in these areas on an international level, and so much potential is already at hand: a dense network of innovative businesses, extensive academic knowledge and a reliable physical and digital infrastructure is already in place. Moreover, innovation is stimulated both top-down by a co-operative government and bottom-up by a great group of committed citizens.

Ambitions for 2025

With our partners, we work on smart solutions that solve urban challenges of the future. This is necessary to secure the quality of life of the citizens in the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area – this is our joint goal. During the next few years, we will focus on these five ambitions:

  • Health: In 2025, citizens in the AMA will live two years extra, being in a healthy condition.
  • Mobility: In 2025, all urban traffic will be emission-free.
  • Digital connectivity: In 2025, the AMA will be the top place in Europe for data-driven innovation.
  • Circular economy: In 2025, the AMA will have an exemplary role in finding smart solutions for the shortage in raw materials.
  • Jobs of the future: In 2025, the AMA will be the most adaptive and attractive environment for job opportunities in Europe.

We aspire to be one of the top-three most innovative regions in Europe by 2025. By making this happen, our region will not only be healthier, greener and smarter, but the world will be shown how a metropolitan area can handle such urban challenges in an innovative way. The ambitions are great, but through cooperation and thinking big, we are convinced that we can make it happen.

What does the Amsterdam Economic Board do?

In solving these urban challenges, the board unites innovators. We help these parties by:

  • Signalling opportunities for innovation regarding these challenges.
  • Forming consortia of cross-sector partners for innovative projects.
  • Offering access to regional and international networks.
  • Creating physical and virtual meeting points (for example, events and online platforms).
  • Providing data-driven information regarding the challenges.
  • Offering inspiration.

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