Summer is here and that can only mean one thing: it’s barbecue season! Amsterdam’s parks offer the perfect backdrop for an afternoon of sizzling food. But before you head out, check the handy map of Amsterdam parks below, showing where you should and shouldn't barbecue.

In which Amsterdam parks can you safely barbecue?

Whether you’re the type that prepares dozens of different marinades and salads and brings a state-of-the-art barbecue complete with hickory smoke chips, or someone that just heads out with a disposable barbecue from the cornershop, a few sausages and a bottle of wine, Amsterdam’s parks offer plenty of space for all parties. But to prevent overcrowding or damage to the natural habitat, it's important to check which parks permit BBQing, which have dedicated BBQ areas and which parks could potentially see you in bother if you break the rules.

BBQ map of Amsterdam

Click on the handy BBQ map below, showing you where and where not to take your grill.

Map key:

  • (green) Barbecuing allowed anywhere in the park
  • (yellow) Look for the special BBQ areas in the park
  • (orange) Permit from the council needed
  • (red) Barbecuing not allowed