Newcomers’ classes in Amsterdam

If you have recently moved to the Netherlands and your child is aged four or five they can go straight into Dutch primary education. However, if they are aged between six and 12 years old and they don’t speak Dutch, they will join so-called newcomers' classes. Pupils in the newcomers’ class focus on learning Dutch and getting to know Dutch culture. After one year, they continue in regular Dutch or bilingual education. There are no additional costs for attending a newcomers’ class.

Applying for a place in a newcomers’ class

To get your child a place in a newcomers’ class, just follow the regular primary school enrolment procedure. You can apply directly at the Amsterdam primary school that you have chosen for your child; the school will arrange the application for and allocation of the newcomer class. In total, there are 17 locations in Amsterdam for newcomer classes – almost one in each district. Sometimes a child will attend a class in another district, for instance when no group is available in the area or the group in their area is full.

Other ages

The arrangements for children new to the Netherlands differ per age group. As stated, children aged four and five can immediately join their Dutch peers at a regular primary school. Children aged 12 and above go to an international bridging class.

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More information

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