About StartupAmsterdam

Amsterdam is a hyper-connected centre for European tech startups and the talent they require to thrive. To help the local ecosystem realise its full potential, the Dutch capital launched StartupAmsterdam, a public programme that fosters economic growth and collaboration. StartupAmsterdam is your access point to entrepreneurial success. Need investment, mentoring, a supportive network or tech talent? You’ll find it all in the startup capital of Europe. 


The City of Amsterdam is dedicated to nurturing innovative startups and scale-ups. StartupAmsterdam was introduced as a public programme, which has co-launched and supported over 40 initiatives, projects, events and campaigns since its inception in 2015. By assisting with capital, talent and local resources, it put Amsterdam on the global map of startup hubs. 

StartupAmsterdam facilitates positive change with an emphasis on sustainability, and encourages an innovative and diverse ecosystem. This adds value to the city we call home by empowering its entrepreneurs, business communities and citizens. And we’re just getting started.

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Amsterdam features plenty of startup initiatives offering practical, financial and moral support to young companies and the people who run them.

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StartupAmsterdam focuses on five pillars

Talent and diversity

Practical and theoretical training mobilises the enormous potential of Amsterdam, with a focus on women, people with a migrant background and international talent.

Emerging technologies

StartupAmsterdam helps scale-ups and SMEs leverage AI, robotisation and other new technologies to improve processes, while keeping a close eye on ethical concerns like privacy and security.

Access to markets

By facilitating international collaborations and giving entrepreneurs access to networks created by the local government, we help scale-ups successfully enter new markets and have a global impact.

Stimulate network connections

The right connections are crucial to success. We encourage interaction and community-building within the thriving ecosystem while establishing Amsterdam as the premier destination for innovative businesses.

Development of innovation districts

When your enterprise needs room to expand, we work with the city on strategies for procuring space and forming clusters of young businesses.

Learn more about StartupAmsterdam and how to build your own city’s local ecosystem

How can StartupAmsterdam help you?

Our team is ready to help. Email us at startup@amsterdam.nl if:

  • Your startup works on a solution for Amsterdam’s urban or social challenges

  • Your Amsterdam-based startup requires media coverage and exposure

  • You’re organising an event that will benefit Amsterdam’s startup community and are looking for a sponsor, media partner or co-producer

  • Your international startup is looking to enter Amsterdam

  • Your Dutch startup is ready to expand abroad

  • You are a governmental official, civil servant or ecosystem builder interested in learning about StartupAmsterdam as an initiative

  • You work in education and want to introduce your students to Amsterdam’s startup ecosystem

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