What do you do?

Coding for Amsterdam aims to help all Amsterdam primary schools implement 21st-century skills – coding in particular – into their curriculum. Teaching children how to code creates a talent pool for the future, in which excellent digital skills will be increasingly needed to support innovation and startups.

Two phases to the programme

There are two phases in the Coding for Amsterdam programme. In 2016, all primary schools were offered an introductory lesson in coding by a guest lecturer. Schools get to choose which method is used to increase the chance of success. In 2017, schools that participated in the introductory lesson can choose a trajectory that will continue these classes. StartupAmsterdam also aims to offer workshops to teachers to introduce them to the relevant teaching materials and lessons.

Who is your target group?

In the first phase, the focus will be on teachers. During this phase, teachers receive a free introduction lesson on how to teach digital skills. In the second phase, the target groups will be directors and the school boards. A workshop will be used to teach directors how to add 21st-century skills to their school policy. In addition, focus will be on school boards, as these boards are the only ones who are able to submit an acceleration demand to the PO council (the Dutch national primary school organisation). Using these methods, Coding for Amsterdam is striving to achieve its mission.

What kind of partner are you looking for?

Coding for Amsterdam is happy to collaborate with any partner that takes interest in helping primary school ICT education in the future.

What do you need?

To fund the workshops for teachers and directors, Coding for Amsterdam needs investors to invest money. Furthermore, they want help with organising activities to increase the awareness and impact of the programme.

What can you offer to partners?

Coding for Amsterdam offers publicity through a number of high-profile events, where partners are invited and accredited.

Contact Coding for Amsterdam

[email protected]