Entrepreneurship courses in Amsterdam

With the Amsterdam startup ecosystem growing by the day, entrepreneurial skills and mindsets have become one of the most desired qualities in today’s workforce. Graduate and undergraduate students at Amsterdam’s universities have many opportunities to learn the basics of entrepreneurship during their studies.

While many courses focus on an academic approach to entrepreneurship, lots of programmes also offer a combination of knowledge and practice and stimulate students to start their own business.

Entrepreneurship minors

In Amsterdam you can do a minor in Entrepreneurship as part of your bachelor studies at the University of Amsterdam, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (VU) and the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences (page in Dutch). The AUAS also offers an ‘Entrepreneurship for Society’ minor, which specialises in social entrepreneurship. 

Master’s programmes in entrepreneurship

Students that would like to specialise in entrepreneurship after their bachelor degree can pursue a Master’s in Entrepreneurship at the UvA or the VU, both of which give students a profound academic grasp of entrepreneurship and hones an entrepreneurial skillset that is much in demand with employers. The UvA’s Business School also offers a range of Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees as well as MBAs. 


The VU’s Center for Entrepreneurship offers a wide range of additional courses. Students that are looking for hands-on entrepreneurial experience and support can join the programmes of one of Amsterdam’s many startup incubators and accelerators, such as the ACE Incubator, which offers programmes geared specifically towards students, academics and researchers.