About StartupAmsterdam

Amsterdam is a hyper-connected centre point for startups in the European tech scene. To realise its full potential, the city launched StartupAmsterdam, a public / private action programme that aims to grow and improve the startup environment in Amsterdam.

Working together with the startup ecosystem, StartupAmsterdam utilises assets that are already in place, nurturing startups to reach their full potential. We welcome you, and together we are StartupAmsterdam.

We are StartupAmsterdam

What is it?

StartupAmsterdam is not an accelerator and does not invest in startups. Here’s our story.

StartupAmsterdam programme

To reach the goal of positioning Amsterdam among the top three startup hubs in Europe, StartupAmsterdam has devised a programme of 15 measures based o...

The StartupCity book

This comprehensive manual, written by StartupAmsterdam’s public and private leads, explains how local governments can develop their own startup cities...

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StartupAmsterdam team

Our diverse, highly skilled team know exactly what’s what in Amsterdam’s startup ecosystem. Find each team member’s contact informat...

Our partners

With our partners, StartupAmsterdam implements the measures laid out in the vision and action programme aimed at positioning Amsterdam as a leading lo...

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