About StartupAmsterdam

Amsterdam is a hyper-connected centre for startups in the European tech scene. To realise its full potential, the City is running StartupAmsterdam, a public/private action programme that aims to grow and improve the local startup environment.

StartupAmsterdam's origins

In 2015, the City of Amsterdam teamed up with the private sector to devise a broad, cohesive policy focused on startups, scale-ups and initiatives that would accelerate their growth. Upon conducting an extensive literature review and talking to more than 250 stakeholders, an ambitious new action programme – StartupAmsterdam – was born.

Driven by a desire to strengthen Amsterdam’s startup ecosystem, StartupAmsterdam has launched and co-launched over 35 initiatives, supported numerous projects, events and campaigns and generated momentum that put Amsterdam on the global map of startup hubs within just a few years. The speed at which this has transformed Amsterdam’s economy proves that we are on the right track.

Having been extended for a new term (2019-2022) in January 2019, StartupAmsterdam is set to continue creating a well-functioning ecosystem that serves innovative companies wishing to grow sustainably in continued collaboration with public and private stakeholders.

Download StartupAmsterdam's action plans

How can StartupAmsterdam be of help?

You are welcome to contact the StartupAmsterdam team at startup@amsterdam.nl, if:

  • You are a startup working on a solution for Amsterdam’s urban or social challenges
  • You are an Amsterdam-based startup in need of media coverage and exposure
  • You are a Dutch startup ready to expand abroad
  • You are an international startup looking into setting up shop in Amsterdam
  • You are a governmental official, civil servant or ecosystem builder interested in learning more about StartupAmsterdam as an initiative
  • You are organising an event that will benefit Amsterdam’s startup community and are looking for a sponsor, media partner or content co-producer
  • You are part of an educational institution and wish to educate your students on Amsterdam’s startup ecosystem

Additionally, StartupAmsterdam’s website is there for anyone who’s interested in setting up a business in Amsterdam, applying for a startup visa, finding an accelerator or co-working space, landing a job, enrolling in a startup academy, raising capital, hiring talent or finding fellow startups and investors.

Whether you wish to attend Amsterdam's startup events, explore local networks and communities or simply stay up-to-date with what goes on in the ecosystem, StartupAmsterdam is your one-stop shop.

More about StartupAmsterdam and how to contact us