Amsterdam is among Europe’s best regions for agtech and new food startups 

Amsterdam has been ranked as having one of the top ecosystems for agtech and new food startups in the world.

A new report by research organisation Startup Genome listed Amsterdam as the number two ecosystem in Europe, and number 14 globally, in several factors including performance, funding, talent and knowledge.

Agtech and new food includes services and technologies focused on improving agricultural efficiency and sustainability, such as farm management software and vertical farming. It also includes direct-to-consumer delivery apps and services and next-generation food and drinks, such as lab-grown and plant-based meat.

Startup Genome ranked Silicon Valley, New York City, London, Tel Aviv and Denver as the five top ecosystems in the world. Amsterdam ranked second of four European ecosystems in the global top 25. The report said that consumer behaviour and rapid innovation in the sector, also accelerated by the pandemic, have seen food and grocery deals climb steadily in recent years. 

Vertical farming and cow-monitoring apps

As well as being the founding home of online supermarket Picnic, Amsterdam has helped launch many other companies in new food and agtech, thanks to the region’s connectivity and agricultural expertise  – and a big consumer market for meat substitutes.

Such companies include Amsterdam-founded crop data platform 30MHz and dairy farm monitoring app Connecterra. German vertical farming firm InFarm has based itself in Amsterdam to realise its vision for urban farming, and last year British plant-based meat company Meatless Farm set up its production hub in the Amsterdam Area. This year, once-in-a-decade international horticulture expo Floriade, is being held in Almere, attracting innovation and knowledge sharing from all over the world.

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