Life sciences tools for researchers

NanoString Technologies, a Seattle-based life sciences company, has opened its European headquarters in Amsterdam. 

The company’s platforms allow researchers to make discoveries with high sensitivity profiling of genes, proteins, RNA and more, and move these discoveries quickly into results that can benefit human health.

The new office at the Amsterdam Health and Technology Centre includes a training centre for employees and a CX Lab to train and demonstrate its technology to potential Europe-based customers.

The company said it will have 30 employees there, in marketing, human resources, training, technical support, a commercial team, engineering, and leadership.

"Expanding our global footprint and scientific reach aligns with our vision of mapping the universe of biology," Brad Gray, president and CEO of NanoString, said. "We're excited to open a new location, in the heart of Europe, with the most innovative technology and enhanced local support." 

Amsterdam's life sciences industry

NanoString joins a multitude of life sciences and health companies in the Amsterdam Area. The region boasts a high concentration of research institutions, universities and medical centres that thrive on cooperation. They’re joined by businesses and startups leveraging cutting-edge technology, which are galvanised by the presence of the European Medicines Agency (EMA).

In 2021, an Elsevier report on the state of science research and innovation in 20 global cities found research from Amsterdam has the third highest scientific impact in the world. In January of this year, construction began on the Medical Business Park, a development dedicated to advancing life science innovations in Amsterdam. 

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