Lab42 is the University of Amsterdam’s newest facility aimed at connecting students, researchers, and entrepreneurs in a collaborative environment to help solve the technological challenges of tomorrow. This state-of-the-art facility falls under Amsterdam’s ‘AI technology for people’ coalition. With this initiative, the city is investing 1 million euros over the next decade in startups and innovators developing new AI solutions. 

A hub for talent at all levels

Lab42 provides a crucial intersection of young talent, industry experts, and entrepreneurs in the fast-growing fields of information science and artificial intelligence. Innovative startups and SMEs who are tackling relevant issues in data science, AI, or infrastructure can rent space in the building and benefit from the collaborative spirit and shared knowledge in the heart of Amsterdam’s Science Park.

Sustainably built

Designed to inspire the next generation of problem solvers, it’s no surprise that Lab42 itself is an energy-neutral building with sustainable features. These include the collection of solar power through roof panels and windows, rainwater recycling for use in flushing toilets, and ‘smart’cooling for server rooms.

The layout of the hub is designed to promote interaction and collaboration between students, researchers, and companies. This facility joins the community of others like ACE Incubator and Startup Village, aimed at cultivating the next generation of tech-based solutions in Science Park.

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