Know what you’re selling

Impactbytes aims to simplify promoting sustainable products. Positioning itself as a source of truth for information that can be tricky to get hold of, the platform makes sustainability data more readily accessible. As a result, its partners ­– businesses and publishers – can better share this information with their customers and audiences. This drives revenue for ethical businesses and helps sustainable suppliers find new customers.

Ethical shopping made easy

The new venture sees Project Cece founders Marcella and Melissa Wijngaarden and Noor Veenhoven add to their portfolio in Amsterdam’s thriving sustainable fashion movement. While Impactbytes lends support ‘behind the scenes’, Project Cece is consumer-focused, making ethical shopping more straightforward for customers. Having expanded to Germany and the UK, Project Cece is one of Amsterdam’s big sustainable fashion success stories.

Responsible fashion consumption

The launch is timely, to say the least. There is ever-increasing consumer demand for more sustainable choices, leading to higher pressure on brands to do better. In addition, proposed EU regulations are set to introduce more stringent rules tackling fast fashion and textile waste.  

Utilising tech innovation 

Both Impactbytes and Project Cece also serve to highlight how the fashion sector can utilise tech innovation to drive sustainable initiatives and businesses. They are part of a host of businesses and entrepreneurs taking over the digital fashion space to drive change. Companies, designers and initiatives such as Fashion for Good, Renoon and The Fabricant ensure that Amsterdam remains a hotspot for finding new ways for making fashion more sustainable.