The Netherlands is world’s fifth happiest country

The UN-sponsored World Happiness Report 2021 has named the Netherlands the fifth happiest nation in the world, up one position on the previous report.

Using data collected by Gallup, the study aimed to uncover the effects of COVID-19 on the structure and quality of people’s lives, and to evaluate government strategies on dealing with the pandemic.

In an extraordinary year which saw lives restricted and livelihoods strained, the Netherlands scored highly in measures such as trust in public institutions, mental health and well-being, employment satisfaction and social support.

Finland topped the ranking for the fourth consecutive year, followed by Denmark, Switzerland and Iceland.

Boosting Amsterdam’s reputation as an excellent place to live

The report strengthens Amsterdam’s reputation as a great place to work and live, and supports previous studies that highlight the city’s sustainability credentials, world-leading connectivity and high standards of education and healthcare. 

Savills recently recognised Amsterdam as a top destination for tech workers, praising its fast broadband speeds, green spaces and cultural agenda, while a Deloitte study found Amsterdam has one of the most robust and future-ready mobility sectors in the world, which plays an essential role in a city’s economic prosperity and overall quality of life.

In December 2020 the World Economic Forum predicted the Netherlands was one of the best-equipped countries to recover from effects of the pandemic, thanks to flexible working arrangements, digital skills, access to healthcare, collaborations in healthcare and its sustainable energy schemes. 

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