Moving the e-bike business from Japan to Amsterdam

Yamaha Motor Europe NV’s headquarters in Amsterdam will take over the management of the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) e-bike division from the company’s main offices in Japan. The transition is set to be completed by the end of 2020.

The announcement comes when independent bicycle dealers (IBDs) are reopening as coronavirus (COVID-19) measures begin to ease across Europe.

International e-bike pioneers 

Many predicted this step from a company that is often considered the inventor of the e-bike. Together with competitors such as Panasonic, Yamaha successfully lobbied the Japanese government to classify “pedal-assist” e-bikes as bicycles. This legislation was largely adopted in Europe and helped accelerate the continent’s ongoing – and lucrative – love affair with e-bikes.

Yamaha originally started marketing electrically power-assisted bicycles in Japan in 1993 under its own brand PAS. Soon after, the company began supplying other bicycle manufacturers that expressed interest in the system. 

Today, Yamaha branded e-bikes are still sold in Japan and the USA, while partner brands equipped with the Yamaha system are sold in the European market. Yamaha is known for working closely with bicycle manufacturers to customise their systems.

Steering towards a lucrative market

Though Yamaha has a reputation as a pioneer, the company was slow to invest in Europe’s e-bike boom, running the business through their headquarters in Iwata, Japan.  

Now, to be closer to this lucrative market, Yamaha’s e-bike business will be coordinated by Yamaha Motor Europe. These operations will not only include drivetrain distribution, but also the supply of parts to bicycle manufacturers.  

As an OEM partner for e-bike drivetrains, Yamaha Motor Europe will be the direct contact for service questions from bicycle manufacturers and brands. 

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