Revenues climb by €12 million

The Port of Amsterdam recorded increased revenues and reaffirmed its commitment to sustainability in 2019, its new annual report reveals. The newly published document shows that the port, which is the second-largest port facility in the Netherlands, saw revenues climb by €12 million to €169.4 million, representing a 7.6% increase from 2018.

Making the Port more sustainable

The new annual report also shows that in 2019 31% of visiting ships received an Environmental Ship Index discount, which is awarded to boats that go above and beyond the legal requirements for emissions, compared to 27% the previous year. 

Additionally, the port nearly doubled the amount of solar panels in the Western Docklands to more than 91,000 square metres. In recent months, the port has undertaken other eco-friendly measures as well. 

Earlier this year, it announced that it would begin construction on Amsterdam’s first hydrogen refuelling station, and it will also start work on Energiehaven, a base for building and maintaining a fleet of offshore windfarms. 

Investing in infrastructure, buying new land and going digital

During 2019, the port also invested €47 million in infrastructure, purchasing land, building a new quay at Hoogtij, extending a pier in the Afrikahaven and purchasing the Holland Jachtbouw shipyard. The port transitioned to cloud computing well, in keeping with its push towards digitalisation.

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