Amsterdam is a magnet for tech unicorns

The Netherlands’ startup ecosystem is doing well and in 2020, the country will be home to 12 unicorns, according to a new report from NRC and Dealroom. To qualify as a unicorn, companies must be privately held and valued at more than $1 billion USD. 

Europe-wide, the Netherlands is in fourth place when it comes to the number of local unicorns. France has 13, Germany is home to 30 and the UK boasts 74. Several Dutch unicorns are based in Amsterdam, which is home to a rapidly growing startup ecosystem and a tech scene that employs over 69,000 people.

These are the Amsterdam-based unicorns:

Adyen is a worldwide payment company that allows its more than 3,500 customers to accept mobile, point-of-sale and e-commerce payments. is one of the world’s biggest travel marketplaces and was founded in 1996. It lets users reserve any type of accommodation and features more than 28 million listings. 

Elastic is a search company that creates self-managed and SaaS offerings for logging, search, security and analytics use and launched in 2012.

Flowtraders is a global technology-enabled liquidity provider that specialises in Exchange Traded Products (ETPs). is a top online food delivery marketplace which connects consumers and restaurants in nine European countries, as well as Vietnam.

TomTom has been a unicorn since 2005 and is a multinational creator and developer of location technology and consumer electronics.

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