Amsterdam welcomed 161 new foreign firms in 2019

The arrival and expansion of almost 200 international businesses in the Amsterdam Area is set to create thousands of jobs. New figures released by amsterdam inbusiness reveal that 161 foreign companies opened new offices in the region in 2019, and 29 international firms established in the area chose to expand their operations.

Welcoming the news, Amsterdam’s Deputy Mayor for Economic Affairs Victor Everhardt said: “The results confirm that the Amsterdam Area is one of the most attractive locations for business in the European Union, and that Brexit reinforces this position. In total, new companies and expansions will create more than 5,800 jobs for residents of the Amsterdam Area over the next three years. In addition, these firms will provide a further 2,900 jobs by making use of services and products from other companies. It is great to see that Amsterdam is attractive to companies in innovative sectors such as life sciences and health, the creative industries and tech – the jobs of the future.”

Amstel en gebouwen Omval Peter Elenbaas

A record number of companies move to the Amsterdam Area

The total of 161 new international companies is the highest number recorded since 2008, when Amsterdam started keeping records. The city’s appeal can be explained by its economic growth, the effects of Brexit and the strength of the business climate due to its strategic location in Europe, fast internet connections and availability of English-speaking, highly educated talent.

The number of new companies that have opened offices in the Amsterdam Area, but outside Amsterdam’s city limits, has also risen sharply compared to previous years. Of the 161 companies, 31 opened in locations outside of Amsterdam, compared to just 17 in 2017. Companies from the United States and Canada are the main investors in the Amsterdam Area, and the majority of new companies were in financial and business services, tech, life sciences and health, and the creative industries.

About amsterdam inbusiness

amsterdam inbusiness is the official foreign investment agency of the Amsterdam Area (Amsterdam, Amstelveen, Almere, Haarlemmermeer). The above figures are published by amsterdam inbusiness in collaboration with the Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency.

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