Future-proof innovation

The 21st century is not short on challenges. For example, society urgently needs solutions on climate change, data leaks and a volatile financial sector. We also need fresh ideas on how we will live, eat, work, learn and travel in the coming decades.

The Blue Tulip Awards positions itself as a facilitator to help address these challenges. It has selected the best 25 ideas from the Netherlands across eight different themes: climate, education, finance, health, living & working, mobility, nutrition and security.

Amsterdam’s innovation nominees

In response to the initial contest call-out, over 600 companies, creators and entrepreneurs signed up with their ideas. The jury made use of an online voting tool to sift through all the entries. Of the selected 200 (the top 20 of every theme), 29 are based in the Amsterdam Area – and many of them have already been featured at StartupAmsterdam.

Education: impact educators Digital Society School, LoCoMoGo (‘learn code through play’), confidence builders and TEDxAmsterdamWomen semi-finalist Project Fearless, and enlight ed, an app that teaches problem solving.

Finance: insurance integrators Digital Insurance Group, the money savers and deal finders Dyme (read our testimonial here) and Roos, and revenue validators Actuals.io.

Health: AI-driven ‘night nurse’ Kepler Vision Technologies, online eye examiners easee, medicine ingredient sourcer Pharmaoffer and patient data retrievers CTcue.

Living & working: anti-loneliness app Niluk, meeting streamliner Yabbu, manufacturing streamliner Swipeguide, SKIAlabs (‘a digital twin platform for smart cities’), job-matchmaking-through-gaming innovators PlaytoWork and IoT-ers Sensfix (‘predictive maintenance’ and ‘machine self-scheduling’).

Mobility: Avy (‘wing drones for good’), bike courier enablers Bringly, long-trip planner for electric vehicles Chargetrip and sustainable last-mile delivery system StoreShippers.

Nutrition: AI-driven agriculturalists Serket-tech, Crisp (‘the supermarket app for superfresh food’), Rainbeer (it’s all in the name: beer made from rain) and InstockMarket.nl (‘a B2B marketplace against food wastage’).

Security: Brainmatter (‘unlocks the power of artificial intelligence and empowers people with seamless digital power apps’), digital forensics specialists Forcyd and the safe data exchange platform SmartLockr.

Transforming the future

The prize committee released their shortlist on 9 January 2020. Key future dates include: the quarter finals on 13 February in Amsterdam (which follows a speed-dating-like setup to select the top 10 per theme) and the semi-finals on 12 March in Utrecht.

Prizes are handed out during each phase of the contest and range from personal coaching to a customised acceleration package. The finals will take place during the Accenture Innovation Summit on 17 April 2020 in Zaandam.

Accenture describe their goal behind these awards as follows: “By driving collaboration between the brightest minds and accelerating the most promising innovations to reach their full potential, we can start improving the way the world works and lives right now.”