Amsterdam takes first place in new economic ranking

Amsterdam has been named the world’s most ‘open, inclusive and economically competitive’ city in a new ranking. The Dutch capital took first place in the Open For Business City Ratings, which assessed 114 cities around the world based on 26 different economic and social inclusion metrics. With the highest score in the ratings, Amsterdam was the world’s top-performing city, attaining a AAA rating.

A triple A rating means a city is classified as being easy to operate in, with low barriers to setting up and running a business; and it has a transparent system of governance with a low risk of corruption. It also has a strong digital infrastructure; it is a hub for skills and talent and offers its residents a good quality of life and a dynamic cultural environment.

Amsterdam’s proud history of LGBTI inclusion

In addition to highlighting Amsterdam's economic competitiveness, the ranking also recognises Amsterdam’s strong LGBTI inclusion culture that signals to the world that the city is open to everyone. With an LGBTI social scene dating back to 1927 and as the capital of a country which was the first to legalise same-sex marriage in 2000, Amsterdam is an inclusive city with a mayor strongly committed to LGBTI inclusion. The city is also home to Workplace Pride, one of the world's leading LGBTI organisations which is focused on promoting workplace integration for LGBTI people around the world.

Welcoming the first-place position in the ranking, Amsterdam’s Mayor Femke Halsema said: "I am proud that Amsterdam is the highest-rated city in the Open For Business City Ratings 2020. I am looking forward to continuing to work to ensure that Amsterdam remains inclusive and competitive and is a place where all people can live and work freely and openly."

Open and inclusive cities are most economically robust

The Open For Business City Ratings were published as part of a report from Open For Business, a coalition of global companies promoting LGBTI inclusive societies. It was created in collaboration with Accenture and Brunswick Group and found that LGBTI inclusive cities are more economically resilient, have stronger “innovation ecosystems”, higher levels of entrepreneurialism and are better able to attract talent and provide a high quality of life.

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