Harnessing green energy

The City of Amsterdam has unveiled an ambitious plan to produce most of its energy using wind and solar energy. The Dutch capital is aiming to generate enough sustainable energy to power 80% of local households by 2030. The City has launched a new Regional Energy Strategy (RES) which states that It will attempt to generate 400 megawatts of solar energy, 127 megawatts of wind energy and 150 megawatts of solar energy in 10 years’ time.

Amsterdam is the Netherlands’ first municipality to present a RES since the National Climate Agreement was signed in 2019. In a statement to the press, sustainability alderperson Marieke van Doorninck said: “Precisely because Amsterdam cannot provide for its own energy needs and therefore relies on the region, I want to use the opportunities that there are for wind and sun as much as possible."

Working with residents and companies

Seven areas are under consideration for the construction of wind turbines, including Oostelijk Havengebied, Gaasperplas, Driemond and Amsterdam Zuid. The city also hopes to use 50% of suitable rooftops for solar power, and if needed, will install panels in green spaces and on bodies of water. To make it easier for residents to install panels on their roofs, the City will provide support to solar power companies, helping to meet its goal of ensuring at least 50% of clean energy production is owned by cooperatives formed by residents and businesses.

Amsterdam: a leader in sustainability

Amsterdam’s decision to produce 80% of its energy using sustainable sources makes it a prime destination for companies looking to achieve their own sustainability goals. The city is also home to many companies focused on circularity and sustainability across a swathe of industries, including fashion, transport and logistics.

There are a variety of public and private projects helping make the city greener as well. Dutch airline KLM is working to increase its use of biofuel, which produces fewer emissions, and the capital’s first hydrogen refuelling station will soon be installed at the Port of Amsterdam this spring. The city is also home to many sustainable buildings, including Johan Cruijff ArenA and The Edge, many of which already use solar and hydropower to meet their energy needs.

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