A record-breaking year for companies on the rise

In 2018, the Netherlands was home to approximately 10,200 fast-growing companies, according to the Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS). CBS designates companies as ‘fast-growing’ when they increase their staff by 10% for three consecutive years and had at least ten employees in the first year under consideration. This marks the first time the country has crossed the 10,000 mark and represents a 20% rise from 2017, when there were 8,500 fast-growing companies. Since 2014 (5,520 fast-growing companies) the number has climbed each year.

Growing companies in Amsterdam

Most organisations in the fast-growing category have between 10 and 50 employees, though companies with more than 50 workers also experienced significant gains. Additionally, various companies located in the Amsterdam Area qualified as fast-growing, including online supermarket Picnic and Wonderkind, which specialises in recruitment software.

Amsterdam is well-equipped to support growing businesses. The city’s prime location puts London, Brussels, Dublin and other major cities within easy reach and the local workforce is well educated and highly proficient in English. The city’s excellent quality of life has also made it an attractive destination to international talent.

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