Entering the European market

Strider Sports International Inc., an American company that manufactures pedal-less balance bikes for children, has announced that it will establish its European headquarters in Amsterdam. The company was founded in 2007 and has sold more than 2 million bikes in 75 countries to date. This June, it will start offering its products in the Netherlands. 

From its Dutch headquarters, Strider will coordinate events as well as PR and marketing strategy throughout Europe. The company joins many other multinationals that have located their headquarters in the Amsterdam Area, including Nike, Booking.com, Adidas and Tesla.

The “perfect base”

Strider bikes are designed to help children learn to cycle while developing muscle strength, coordination and balance. Ryan McFarland, the company’s owner, told Bike Europe that “the Netherlands is well known for its cycling culture, making it the perfect base for our European headquarters. We are looking forward to introducing our balance bikes in Europe, to improve the freedom of mobility of young children and their parents.”

The company will likely benefit from having a location in the Netherlands, one of the world’s best countries for cyclists. Over the years, the country has produced unique innovations that have made cycling enjoyable, convenient and safe, including the Van Gogh Path, a bike path that lights up after dark, using solar power it has absorbed during the day. Amsterdam also has its own bicycle mayor, who advocates for the city’s thousands of riders. 

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