Thousands of new jobs for the Amsterdam region

The arrival and expansion of international businesses in the Amsterdam Area is set to create thousands of new jobs for the region. New figures released by amsterdam inbusiness reveal that 153 foreign companies opened new offices in the Amsterdam Area in 2018, providing 4,170 new positions over the next three years, 1,937 of them Brexit-related. Last year, the expansion of foreign companies already established in the region generated 3,055 new roles to be filled over the next three years.

A record number of jobs for Amsterdam

The 4,170 jobs that will be created in the next three years is a record number for Amsterdam. The arrival of the European Medicines Agency (EMA) has contributed to the high figure, creating 900 new jobs. However, even without those roles, the number of new jobs resulting from the arrival and expansion of foreign companies would still be the second highest since Amsterdam started keeping records in 2008.

Udo Kock, Amsterdam’s Alderperson for Economic Affairs, said: “Amsterdam is a magnet for international companies. The economic prosperity and favourable business climate – thanks to Schiphol Airport, the location within Europe, the strength of innovation and the availability of talent – have produced a record figure of more than 7,000 new jobs. But Brexit, too, and, as a consequence, the coming of the EMA, is contributing to this major increase in employment opportunities.”

EMA office

Photo: An artist's impression of the new EMA headquarters in Amsterdam

Amsterdam: a thriving life sciences and health hub

The highest number of new jobs created in the Amsterdam Area in 2018 were roles in the life sciences and health sector, partly due to the arrival of the EMA. Eight other companies also working in the sector moved to the region last year, with the nine life sciences and health companies providing a total of 1,359 positions. Other companies in this sector have also recently expanded, such as Kite Pharma, which is building a cell therapy factory in Hoofddorp to treat cancer patients. After the life sciences and health sector, the largest increase in jobs was in tech and the creative industries – with 39 new tech companies generating 824 jobs, and 21 new creative companies generating 635 jobs.

The effects of Brexit

In 2018, the effects of the United Kingdom’s impending withdrawal from the European Union will help to create 2,107 new jobs in the Amsterdam region. In total, 31 companies – from the UK, the United States and Asia - cited Brexit as the main reason they moved to Amsterdam or expanded their operations here.

Companies from the United Kingdom

Never before have so many new companies come to Amsterdam or the region from the United Kingdom in a single year. In 2018, 22 companies moved to the Amsterdam Area from the UK, though not all chose to move due to the withdrawal.

Science Amsterdam 

Global companies invest in Amsterdam

The majority of new companies that arrived in the Amsterdam Area in 2018 originate from the EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa) region. In total, 66 companies from the region will create 2,318 jobs. After this, the United States and Asia are the next largest regions for new arrivals. Companies that already have a long history in Amsterdam, such as the Indian firm Tata Consultancy Services, also took on more personnel in 2018.

About amsterdam inbusiness

Within amsterdam inbusiness, the municipalities of Almere, Amstelveen, Haarlemmermeer and Amsterdam work in partnership to attract foreign companies and maintain relations with international firms in the Amsterdam region, working closely with the Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency and partners of the Invest in Holland network.

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