A custom-built HQ in Amsterdam Zuidas

The Netherlands has officially delivered the completed building which will serve as the European Medicines Agency's (EMA) new headquarters. Located in Amsterdam Zuidas, the building was constructed in just 18 months to minimise any disruption to EMA's work.

The agency had to move out of the UK as a direct consequence of Brexit and selected the Netherlands from 19 EU-member states during a secret ballot. More than 650 members of its staff have relocated from London since then and have been working from a temporary office in the Spark Building in Amsterdam Sloterdijk since early 2019.

Combining convenience and sustainability

It is predicted that the EMA will bring more than 36,000 visitors to the Netherlands annually, providing a major boost to Amsterdam’s life sciences and health sector, which is already home to a growing community of more than 300 companies. Many of these guests will pass through the large conference centre located in the new building, which will host public hearings for patients and medical professionals. Additionally, the new headquarters includes 1,300 workplaces and 19 meeting rooms. Sustainability also played an important role in its design and the building features a 60-metre-high green wall consisting of more than 50,000 plants.

EMA work space by Rob Acket

In a press release, Professor Guido Rasi, EMA’s executive director, said: “It is an important milestone and we congratulate the Dutch government [on delivering] an impressive building in less than 20 months. With the move to the new building, the agency will once again be able to fully focus on its important mission for patients and animals.”

Over the coming weeks, the building will be made fully operational and ready for EMA staff. The move into the new headquarters takes place over the Christmas period and will be overseen by representatives of the Dutch government. EMA plans to be fully operational in the building from 20 January 2020.

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