Investing in 11 promising companies

Antler Netherlands, a global startup generator and early-stage VC, announced that it has invested in 11 startups generated during its first Amsterdam programme. The organisation has been based in Amsterdam since January 2019. It was attracted to the capital’s healthy startup scene and culture, as well as its central European location and excellent quality of life, which makes it a magnet for top talent.

The startups selected for investment span fields like data, education and HealthTech, and include the following:

  • Scienticore, a scientific data exchange platform that offers researchers valorisation of their knowledge, datasets and resources
  • RespiQ, which is developing technology that gives users insights into their health through a handheld device that detects disease biomarkers in their breath
  • OceanOps, a SaaS platform business that provides rerouting solutions that ease problems associated with container shipment delays
  • enlight ed, which provides students with access to virtual tutors through intelligent chatbots, augmented reality and SaaS

All of Antler’s investments will be formally unveiled on 13 November at a demo day event taking place at the headquarters of ABN AMRO. Space is limited, but interested parties can RSVP for a seat.

By removing the barriers to entrepreneurship, Antler helps skilled people create businesses from the ground up. During the 10-week programme, which began in May 2019, 28 teams were formed, and Antler has invested €105,000 in pre-seed funding in 11 of the resulting companies, acquiring a 10% equity stake in each one. According to Antler, 36% of the companies chosen for investment have at least one female founder and 61% of total founders are serial entrepreneurs. Also, nearly all the companies have a founder born outside of the Netherlands.  

Women are leading the way

As a member of #Fundright, Antler has committed itself to diversity. This campaign requires all participating VC companies – along with the managerial teams of their current startups – to have a diverse body of employees, 35% of whom must be women. 

In a statement, Youri Doeleman, a partner at Antler Netherlands, said that, “Antler differentiates itself through our focus on finding and attracting exceptional individuals as a starting point for strong founding teams of new businesses. With the first Netherlands cohort, we have proven our ability to attract a highly diverse and capable set of founders, resulting in positive impact for the founders, the investors in Antler and the broader startup and investment ecosystem.”

Another programme is coming soon

Currently, the startups chosen for investment are working with Antler to grow and scale with the help of its international network of experts, investors and advisors. They will be formally introduced in November at Antler’s Demo Day with the goal of procuring external seed investment. A second Amsterdam programme is planned for January 2020 – please click here to apply.

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