Amsterdam is one of world’s smartest cities

Amsterdam has been named as one of the world’s smartest cities. The Dutch capital has been ranked as the third smartest city globally in the IESE Cities in Motion Index 2019. The city’s combination of financial technology, energy efficiency and culture helped it secure the top-three position, behind London and New York. The index praised the fact that “90% of households in Amsterdam have bicycles and it has an advanced system of automated services for the public use of shared bicycles. In addition, it has put forward a project to ban gasoline and diesel cars… and thus become Europe’s first zero-emissions city.” It is another boon for the city region's academic institutes, initiatives and businesses, which are helped to thrive by forward-thinking public organisations and a creative and enterprising local population. Biking on bridge sunset Amsterdam CC BY-SA 2.0 Daniel Wehner via Flickr

What makes a smart city?

The index assesses 174 cities from 80 countries, which are measured across nine dimensions considered key to truly sustainable cities: human capital, social cohesion, economy, environment, governance, urban planning, international outreach, technology, and mobility and transportation.Commenting on the characteristics that make a smart city, Joan Enric Ricart, IESE Business School professor and co-author of the report, said: “A truly smart city is one that has as its goal improving the quality of life of its residents, which means ensuring economic, social and environmental sustainability.

The Amsterdam Smart City programme

One scheme that has helped make Amsterdam a world-leading smart city is Amsterdam Smart City, which brings together citizens, innovative companies, academic institutions and public authorities to shape the city region’s future. It consists of public-private partnerships and an international community that shares expertise and collaborates to come up with innovative solutions for metropolitan issues. Amsterdam and the Netherlands regularly do well in international comparisons. Recently, the UN World Happiness Report named the Dutch the fifth happiest people in the world, while earlier this year Amsterdam placed fourth on 2019’s Savills Tech Cities Index.

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