Attracting investment from around the globe

Amsterdam has taken third place in the Tech Start-up FDI Attraction Index, which was put together by fDi Intelligence. The study examines which cities received the most foreign direct investment for tech startups between 2016 and 2018, relative to their population. Lithuanian capital Vilnius took first place, while London came in second.

According to the study, Amsterdam attracted 0.802 new foreign direct investment projects per 100,000 inhabitants during the time under consideration. Europe proved to be the most desirable region for tech startup investment: eight of the first 10 cities in the ranking, and over half of the top 30, are in Europe. The Hague took sixth place, making the Netherlands the only country other than the UK to have two cities listed in the top 10. 

The homegrown advantage

The cities attracting the most foreign direct investment from expanding tech companies also have their own homegrown thriving tech startups. This is especially true for Amsterdam, which is home to dozens of tech startup successes, including Framer, Aidence and Bynder. The city also has a large English-speaking workforce and an excellent quality of life that helps attract top talent

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