A worldwide ranking of happiness

For six years now, the World Happiness Report has ranked countries on their residents’ happiness levels. The index ranks 156 countries using the following six criteria: social support, GDP, life expectancy, corruption, freedom and generosity. The Netherlands took sixth place.

Due to globalisation, people are increasingly on the move, so this year’s edition has a special focus on migration; for the first time ever, 117 countries were scored on the happiness of their immigrants.

Happy residents in Amsterdam and the Netherlands

The Netherlands scored particularly highly in the category of immigrant happiness. The country in general is known for its progressive and open nature, and Amsterdam alone is home to over 180 nationalities. It also boasts dedicated events and facilities to help international residents – including those from India, Japan and North America – feel at home.

The country also performed very well in the category of life expectancy. This is again unsurprising, given the stress-busting liveability and life satisfaction in the Netherlands and the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area. In fact, the Netherlands recently took the top spot for work-life balance in the OECD Better Life Index.

In addition, the Netherlands scored above average in the categories of GDP, social support, generosity and freedom.

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