A new growth workshop

Amsterdam startup Lab Rooms offers businesses of all sizes results-driven strategic sessions using design thinking to help spark innovation and growth. The company has now set their sights on applying similar tools to help individuals find their own “purpose and passion”. They will present their new half-day programme Design Your Life in London at The Covent Garden Hotel on 22 December 2018

Don’t grow up, grow into…

“As a generation, we’re no longer tied to traditional notions of success. We’re told to ‘grow up’ and achieve our ‘goals’, but what we really need is support to remain agile and grow into our lives,” says programme designer Grace Houghton. “At Lab Rooms, we’re not self-help experts, career counsellors, and we don’t offer ‘5 Steps To a Happy Life’ – we’re simply creative innovators with proven design-thinking tools and practical solutions.”

More about Lab Rooms

Launching in 2016, Lab Rooms sought to facilitate businesses in unlocking their team’s innovation and creativity through a results-driven one-day format that saw the creation of a new product, service or way of working. In 2018, the start-up conducted more than 250 Lab Rooms across the Netherlands, Italy and Dubai with clients such as KLM, WWF and AkzoNobel.

The Design Your Life programme is also results-driven. It’s not only about finding one’s personal mission, but also mapping out the concrete steps needed to fulfil that mission. Following the London launch, Design Your Life sessions are scheduled for Amsterdam on 29 December and Florence on 26 January 2019. Over next year, the startup plans to roll out the programme across Europe.

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