Integration via Amsterdam’s startup ecosystem

Taking place on 9 April 2018, the intensive four-month incubator will give 15 entrepreneurs an opportunity to improve their businesses by way of mentoring, networking opportunities, training and access to workspace. The 15 people are newcomers at Team Academy’s B. Amsterdam and ACE’s Startup Village at Amsterdam Science Park, whose creative workspaces are sure to help the newcomers find their footing. The programme itself is a joint effort of ACE, Team Academy and Refugees Forward.

ACE’s Startup Village will give the newcomers a chance to learn the workings of starting a business in the Netherlands – as will Team Academy’s B. Amsterdam. There is so much knowledge to be gained from both ecosystems, which will undoubtedly prove invaluable for the newcomers.

“ACE and Team Academy prove two highly exciting partners and give newcomers access to very dynamic startup ecosystems,” said Diederick van der Wijk, Refugee Forward’s director. “We strongly believe in the value of interaction between newcomers, Dutch students, mentors and other innovative entrepreneurs.”

For a diverse business community

Everyone knows that Amsterdam has a reputation for being a diverse, accepting city. And the capital’s business and startup scene are no different. “To ACE and to me personally it is important to advocate diversity in entrepreneurship and to stimulate entrepreneurs in vulnerable positions,” said Erik Boer, ACE’s director. “We want to show our belief in migrants entering our communities, by providing them access to a great network of experienced coaches and trainers, as well as like-minded locals facing similar challenges in entrepreneurship.”

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