Amsterdam’s startup ecosystem continues to impress

Everyone knows that Amsterdam is one of the world’s leading startup hubs. Startups simply love Amsterdam, and for good reason: from its unparalleled startup support to its access to talent and top-notch connectivity, there’s plenty of room for startups and scale-ups to grow in the Dutch capital.

So it should really come as no surprise that Amsterdam performed well on Startup Genome’s Global Startup Ecosystem Report 2018, which takes a deep dive into the state of the world’s top startup ecosystems. The research compiled data from almost 100 ecosystems, 10,000 startup executives and a whopping 1 million companies.

Tight-knit startup ecosystem in Amsterdam

Not only did the report name Amsterdam as a top 20 startup ecosystem, but the Dutch capital was also a top 10 ecosystem for local connectedness, meaning that the city’s entrepreneurs are connected to local networks. Physical proximity makes these networks even stronger, and nothing’s further than 30 minutes away in the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area.

“There is a large number of world scale banks in Amsterdam” said Sara Koslinska, Limitless’ CEO. “But because the city is smaller, the level of engagement with the startup ecosystem is very high.”

One to watch in FinTech

Speaking of banks, Amsterdam’s startups are at the forefront of FinTech. The report named the city as a FinTech ecosystem to watch and especially celebrated Amsterdam’s performance in payments, digital identity and cybersecurity. The Netherlands’ first unicorn, Adyen, was also praised – as well as cloud-based banking company Ohpen and cybersecurity startup EclecticIQ, which were two of the Netherlands’ top-funded startups in 2017. All three companies are based in Amsterdam.

“As we’ve grown our company, we’ve found Amsterdam to be a great headquarters,” said Adyen co-founder Pieter van der Does. “People just love living and working in the city. Simply put, Amsterdam helps us attract talent.”

Agriculture innovators

The report also named Amsterdam as one to watch in agriculture and agritech – an industry that is thriving, thanks to the city’s acumen for innovation and tech. “Nowhere in the world do we find so much knowledge, technology and passion for food and agriculture, in such a dense area as in the Netherlands,” said Jan Meiling, Startlife’s director.

A promising future

Prince Constantijn van Oranje, StartupDelta’s special envoy, had this to say about making the top 20: “Are we satisfied with it? No. Is it our goal to become first? No. This is about the future – about how the Netherlands can remain relevant in the future among giants like China and America.”

Needless to say, the future’s bright for startups in the Netherlands and Amsterdam. “We are are heading fast towards achieving the Netherlands’ ambition to be the most supportive ecosystem for hyper-growth companies,” said Constantijn. ”We have been attracting many tech firms and investors from all over the world, which are contributing to the vibrancy of the Dutch tech scene.”