From prison to circular community in Amsterdam

The infamous Bijlmerbajes was a prison and correctional facility that lost funding in 2016 – due to its inefficiency and high maintenance costs. Since then, the space has been used for student housing, independent creative gatherings, refugee housing and a variety of other social initiatives (including an escape room!).

The Waste Transformers and their partners recently won the tender to redevelop the area into a smart, circular suburb. It will include an urban farm, shops, restaurants, a hotel and more than 1,350 homes – all powered by clean energy from the area’s organic waste.

A sustainable suburb powered by biofuel

The Waste Transformers made a name for themselves through several successful biofuel installations across the world. Their Westergasfabriek installation already converts organic waste from ten restaurants, two theatres, a micro-brewery and several other establishments into biofuel, water and fertiliser. Naturally, the Bijlmerbajes project will be considerably larger, but the company’s work on the project will be implemented over time, meaning onlookers will see the area blossom into something beautiful. We'll start seeing the results as early as next year.