TFF and Amsterdam: a perfect fit

The Thought For Food (TFF) Global Summit is one of the globe’s biggest platforms for the next generation of innovation in food, agriculture and nutrition security.

On 26 and 27 May 2017, attendees will find out all about the industry’s latest and greatest breakthroughs, tech and future-shaping business models. Topics based around real-world impact will play a key role this year, including DIY biology, sustainable proteins, open-source agriculture and next-generation values.

Amsterdam, already a key player in the agrifood industry, was the obvious choice for TFF’s fifth edition, thanks to the city’s rich history and beauty, and – of course – its position at the forefront of food, agriculture and innovation; not to mention, Amsterdam's startup scene is absolutely awesome! 

A forward-thinking focus

This year’s theme is all about what’s next for the agrifood industry. It’s an increasingly vital topic, given that experts predict there will be over nine billion mouths to feed by 2050.

The programme was meticulously crafted to give attendees the opportunity to create a meaningful dialogue, showcase their cutting-edge agrifood solutions and – most importantly – to network, allowing bridges to be built across different sectors, generations, disciplines and countries.

Attendees will also be able to partake in ‘Next-Gen Assembles’, where they’ll explore ground-breaking topics in agrifood using unconventional approaches and pioneering solution development – think hackathons, maker spaces, honesty circles and wet labs. There’ll also be a range of knowledge-packed masterclasses and live podcasts to help attendees hone their agrifood skills. 

Of course, there will be a range of keynotes from the industry’s brightest and most creative minds, including Ellen de Brabander (senior VP at PepsiCo), Guillaume Charny-Brunet (director of innovation and strategy at SPACE10) and Koert van Mensvoort (founder of Next Nature Network).

Startup pitches

The TFF Global Summit's main highlight this year is the pitch competition for startups, which includes pitches from the 10 TFF Challenge Finalist teams. These teams represent agrifood innovations from students from across the globe – the industry’s next generation of innovators. They’re competing for a whopping prize pool of over 26,000 euros, making things even more interesting. Teams include capital innovators Agro Yolo, wastage haters WasteBuster and preservation pioneers Sparky.