Another innovative co-working space in Amsterdam

Just when you think Amsterdam’s incredible selection of co-working spaces can’t get any better, another super-innovative space gets added to the list. This time it’s Primalbase Werf, which is ideally located in the Houthavens area.

Primalbase isn’t your average shared office, though. The concept was born in 2016, when the company decided to take the tried-and-true co-working-space model to the next level by offering memberships based on a cryptocurrency: the Primalbase Token (PBT). Anyone can share, sell or rent out the top-notch office spaces using the Ethereum- and Waves-based digital tokens.

Cryptocurrency-backed work space

PBT gives anyone the chance to invest in commercial real estate while gaining access to a co-working space in the blockchain community. The company still offers more traditional rentable offices based on typical real-estate methods (this is how the company’s underlying profit are made), but to become a part of the Primalbase community, a PBT must be purchased. All token holders are given unrestricted access to a network of like-minded entrepreneurs, researchers and consultants – from startups and huge corporations alike – across a number of industries.

What sets Primalbase apart from the pack is its dedication to disrupting the status quo. Unlike many other crypto-based products, PBT aren’t just functional goods, but they’re also attached to a physical product – it’s not all virtual, adding a level of tangibility and security to PBT.

A successful launch

The company launched its token sale last June. It was a huge success, selling out in just 24 hours. After the Amsterdam launch’s resounding success, the company plans to open similar co-working spaces in Berlin (December 2017), London (January 2018), New York (April 2018) and Singapore (July 2018) in the coming months. Once again, Amsterdam’s startup scene is at the centre of some truly cutting-edge FinTech developments.

Want the full lowdown on the concept, business model, tokens and spaces? Head to the Primalbase website for more information.