Security a priority in Amsterdam

Amsterdam came in at sixth place out of 60 global cities on the new 2017 Safe Cities Index, published by the Economist Intelligence Unit. This index ranks cities in terms of digital security, health security, infrastructure security and personal security.

Amsterdam ranked especially well in terms of digital security, taking fourth place on the index. This digital category measures how freely residents can use the internet without the fear of privacy violations or identity theft. Other factors include how well a city is prepared to handle digital threats such as cyber-attacks and computer viruses. Amsterdam also took sixth place in terms of infrastructure security, which measures a city's built infrastructure and its vulnerability to disasters – as well its level of transport safety and the number of vehicular accidents. The report highlighted how the Dutch government is helping to develop "smart dikes" with embedded sensors that transmit real-time reports, so that residents can be evacuated in advance of possible flooding. 

Economic safety

Likewise, Amsterdam's residents can rest assured that their pensions are being managed safely. The Netherlands came in at second place overall in the 2017 edition of the Melbourne Mercer Global Pension Index (MMGPI), which compares the retirement income systems of 27 countries across the Americas, Europe and Asia. Financial security during retirement is an increasingly important issue for both individuals and societies – especially as countries address the social and economic effects of ageing populations. The Netherlands scored particularly well in terms of its funding levels and current level of government debt, and its retirement pension system was ranked among the best in terms of the pension benefits provided to median and low earners. 

Amsterdam consistently performs well in many international indexes, surveys and reports, which measure aspects such as sustainability, logistics, quality of life, innovation, transport, talent and competitiveness. Read our full overview of Amsterdam's rankings.