High number of tech jobs in Amsterdam

Dealroom.co’s new report underlines what many of us already know: Amsterdam’s tech scene is filled with employment opportunities, and many of these are within the city’s world-class startup ecosystem.

The report was commissioned by us at StartupAmsterdam, and a bottom-up (company-by-company) approach was used, utilising Dealroom’s own extensive database as a foundation, which was supplemented by further research. In fact, most of the data used came from our awesome startup map, which is also powered by Dealroom.

Out of the companies represented in the report, 33 identified as grownups (500+ employees), 263 as scale-ups (51-500 employees) and a whopping 756 companies identified as startups (2-50 employees).

About 60,000 people work at Amsterdam’s 1,052 tech companies, representing 11% of the total job market in the city. This should come as no surprise, as Amsterdam’s tech scene is among the world’s best; global tech giants such as Uber, Netflix and Tesla have already chosen the city for their European headquarters.

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Homegrown successes galore

But it’s not just international corporates, there are also homegrown (founded in Amsterdam) tech superstars such as Booking.com, TomTom and Adyen – together, the three employ almost 10% of the city’s tech workers (about 6,000 people). The 30 largest homegrown companies represent a total of 16,000 jobs (48% of homegrown jobs and 26% of total jobs).

Impressively, 859 of the companies in the study are homegrown, representing 55% of all tech jobs in the city. Amsterdam’s 184 major foreign tech companies – including Netflix, Uber and Microsoft represent 45% of the 60,000 tech jobs.

Amsterdam’s startups and scale-ups drive growth

The report found that the main growth drivers for the city are homegrown startups and scale-ups, which are increasing job growth by 13% a year. Foreign tech companies are also contributing to this growth, adding another 9% a year. Naturally, Amsterdam’s tech scene is a major driver of job growth in the city: it’s added a massive 10,000 jobs in the last two years. And the tech sector is growing ahead of many other key industries – matched only by the hospitality industry.

The city’s venture capital activity has tripled over the last four years, sparking even more job growth. In 2016, Dutch VCs raised record amounts of capital, meaning there’s plenty of dry powder to be invested in 2018 and 2019. And Amsterdam’s startups were a massive part of this funding, raising €194m of capital in 2016 – an impressive 76% of all startup funding in the Netherlands.

Read the full report.