Artificial Intelligence for growth

On 15 September 2017, Amsterdam saw the launch of a new AI training programme that teaches people without a technical background about AI and machine learning (ML). The programme, called AI for Marketing & Growth, is run by the Growth Tribe academy, which specialises in teaching digital growth skills by means of practical courses and coaching for corporate teams. They opened Europe’s first growth hacking academy in Amsterdam in 2015.

This new AI programme is the first of its kind and will show participants how AI is used by companies such as Netflix and Amazon. Students will also learn about using AI to make better-informed decisions; for example, in predicting which consumers will buy certain products. Other partners in the new programme include StartupAmsterdam, Microsoft, and the Dataiku data science platform.

“Growth Tribe shows what education needs to look like in the future,” said Amsterdam’s Deputy Mayor Kajsa Ollongren. “I am proud that this leading organisation is committed to narrowing the digital skills gap. This puts Amsterdam on the map as a forerunner in modern education, with a focus on the newest digital skills.”

According to Hans Bos, the National Technology Officer of Microsoft Nederland, there needs to be a structural focus on the development of digital skills in education “The labour market of the future demands this,” he said, “and only in this way can the Netherlands keep up with the competition. AI and ML are crucial developments in that light.”

Academia and industry working together on AI

Amsterdam is already an AI forerunner in many other respects as well. The city’s two universities offer a joint masters programme, and Amsterdam is also home to many academic labs that work closely with industry, such as the Qualcomm-QUVA Lab, UvA-Bosch DELTA Lab, AMLABIntelligent Sensory Information Systems, and ILPS. Many are based at the Amsterdam Science Park, a location that exemplifies how academia and research can innovate successfully with businesses. This autumn will also see Amsterdam hosting the world’s biggest applied AI conference, the World Summit AI, which will take place on 11 and 12 October. It will feature talks with more than 200 speakers from companies such as Apple, Uber, NASA, the United Nations, and IBM Watson.

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