An awesome opportunity for Amsterdam’s students

The minds behind the ASIF believe that if students are given the chance to prove themselves, they can accomplish remarkable things. And what better way to test this theory than giving clued-up students a massive sum of money to invest in Amsterdam’s startups?

The fund, which StartupAmsterdam helped set up, marks another win for the Dutch capital's already amazing startup ecosystem. Inspired by Twente’s Dutch Student Investment Fund, the programme is a real business run by real students who will invest in startups that are – you guessed it – real. The students will act as full-time board members: running their own venture capital fund, painstakingly evaluating startups’ business plans and – ultimately – deciding which startups get investment.

From student to venture capitalist

The overall goal for the students is to help fellow up-and-coming young businesspeople, attract capital and – of course – keep those all-important shareholders nice and happy. The students will be following the tried-and-true investment process of attract, select and grow.

Naturally, students are in the right spot to attract and relate to the startups of the future; after all, the next Mark Zuckerburg might just be sitting next to them in second period!

The students will be taught the ins-and-outs of startup selection – such as sifting through business plans – by ASIF’s  expert network of business angels, serial entrepreneurs and kick-ass Dutch venture capitalists. Of course, the students will have the final say on which company gets the investment, but a bit of advice never hurt anyone!

It doesn't end there: after the investment stage, the students will do everything in their power to help the startups grow, including facilitating corporate-startup collaborations.

Who are they looking for?

Applicants must be a student at a higher-education institute in Amsterdam. It’s not just Dutch finance-and-business students they’re after, though: international students from all academic disciplines are also welcome, so it doesn't matter whether you're studying mechanical engineering or sociology – as long as you have what it takes.

The successful candidates will be tech savvy, great with people and have an excellent grasp of what will make a viable product in 2017 and beyond. The more experience the better, and – in particular – the ASIF is seeking students who are ambitious, responsible and quick to learn.

If this sounds like you, and you wish to apply, head on over to the Amsterdam Student Investment Fund website. Applications need to be submitted before 1 June 2017, and you’ll have to send your resume/CV, motivation letter and grade transcripts, too.