CES Unveiled Amsterdam a success

Last week’s CES Unveiled Amsterdam was a huge success, acting as an awesome preview for the main CES 2018 event, which is happening in Las Vegas from 9-12 January 2018.

Over 500 prominent European media representatives and influencers were present at the event, which featured breaking CES news from industry experts and Consumer Technology Association executives. In addition, more than 35 tech companies (local and global) showed off their cutting-edge technology to attendees.

During the event, CES Unveiled joined forces with StartupDelta to announce the up-and-coming Dutch startups that will be attending CES 2018’s Holland Pavilion.

Amsterdam based startups CES

The participating startups

Prince Constantijn – StartupDelta’s special envoy – has already accompanied a group of startups to Texas for SXSW 2017, and he took 40 ambitious Dutch companies to the previous edition of CES in Vegas.

Next year, 50 promising Dutch startups will be making the trip to Vegas for CES 2018's Holland Startup Pavilion. And, naturally, companies from the Dutch capital will have a large presence. The following Amsterdam-based startups are taking part:

  • Cohere Energy Solutions – this energy manager for smart, 21st-century homes steers energy consumption based on sustainable energy.
  • Count3r – this data-driven app helps retail staff adapt to what modern customers want.
  • GAIKU – GAIKU streamlines business meetings and day-to-day communication (local and remote) in a way that is effective, smart and simple.
  • Hyko (by CareToSave) – Hyko gamifies conscious energy consumption for families. Their innovative smart lamp gets children thinking about energy.
  • Roader – Roader’s wearable dashcam, the Time Machine Camera, ensures that users will never miss a photo or video opportunity.
  • Schluss – with Schluss, you can be in charge of the information about you that’s available online.
  • Shleep – this personalised sleep coach is based on the very latest scientific sleep research and provides tailored support that is specific to each user.
  • SwipeGuide – SwipeGuide is a cloud-based instruction platform that allows users to create, publish and share their user guides. The instant sharing improves customer experience and decreases service costs.
  • Triggi – this platform allows real-time connections between devices, services and apps. It works with many services, including Philips Hue, Netatmo, Nest and more.

Learn about the other Dutch startups taking part in CES 2018.