Amsterdam an Internet speed champion

In December of 2015, Akamai Technologies, a company specialized in content delivery network services, released its “State of the Internet” report (PDF) for the third quarter of 2015. The report provides insights into global and regional internet speeds, broadband adoption, and mobile connectivity.

Once again, the Netherlands scored very high. In terms of internet speed, it came in at sixth place worldwide, with an average speed of 15.6 Mbps. For broadband adoption, here meaning internet speeds of 25 Mbps or higher
, the Netherlands came in at ninth place worldwide. The average Internet speed in the Netherlands increased by 3% in the third quarter of 2015, and is now 12% higher than it was in 2014, the report said.

World-class internet infrastructure

Amsterdam has one of the most impressive digital infrastructures in Europe, and is home to the largest data transport hub in the world, the Amsterdam Internet Exchange (AMS-IX). In 2015, the overall Internet traffic volume at AMS-IX increased by 27% from 7.1 to 9 exabytes (which is around 9 million terabytes). AMS-IX also experienced almost a trebling of the IPv6 traffic in the span of a single year: from 24 gigabits per second (Gbps) in 2014 to 68 Gbps in 2015.

With about one third of all European data centers now located in the Amsterdam area, Amsterdam is outperforming many larger European locations such as London, Paris and Frankfurt. Digital giants such as Google, Microsoft, Twitter, Facebook, Amazon, Netflix, and currently use major Dutch datacentres to provide their services in Europe. This powerful digital backbone is not only important for technology companies, such as mobile operators and datacenters, but also for financial institutions and other companies that demand reliable and fast connections.