Startup founders drawn to Amsterdam

In a new survey of all the major startup ecosystems in Europe, the Dutch community was chosen as the third most popular place to found a startup. The Dutch ecosystem also grew the most in the past year, with an increase of 31%.

The report, called Startup Heatmap, was conducted by ESI, the European Startup Initiative, a non-profit organisation founded in 2012. They asked startup founders to list which European city they would settle in if they could begin all over again, and why. Amsterdam came in at third place.

The aim of the report is to indicate which European startup cities are the most attractive, and to discover why people move to start a company in another country. By mapping out the attractiveness of startup hubs throughout Europe, the ESI hopes to provide a reference for investors and startups alike.

Talent is the key quality

The most important factors that the surveyed entrepreneurs mentioned are access to the right talent, and the presence of a healthy eco-system. Amsterdam excels in both of these areas. Access to capital was only the fourth-most important reason for founders to choose where to set up shop. The report also mentioned that 23% of startup founders were not born in the country where their startup is located.

Amsterdam has a vibrant startup community, and its well-connected network is key to the city’s role as a global launchpad. Amsterdam is home to more than 1100 startups, supported by incubators, accelerators, corporate partners, universities, investors, and local and national government. Together, these institutions develop new technology, products, and innovations. Amsterdam’s startup ecosystem reflects pioneering spirit of commerce that the city is famous for.