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Circular economy

Amsterdam and the Netherlands are at the forefront of the transition from a linear to a circular economy, in which products and materials are reused and production chains are redesigned to minimise waste of resources.

Circular economy in Amsterdam

The Netherlands is consolidating its status as a circular economy pioneer and inspiring others to follow in its footsteps. The country is ideal for new, innovative approaches for a number of reasons, including its central location, high concentration of experts and researchers, outstanding logistics infrastructure and open-minded, cooperative business mentality.

What is the circular economy?

The idea of a circular economy is gaining traction, and Amsterdam is at the heart of the revolution. Best of all, the circular economy is not only goo...

Circular offices

Amsterdam is home to some of the most sustainable, smartest office buildings of the world. Their furnishings are no less sustainable, supplied by loca...

Slow fashion

Amsterdam is home to more than 100 fashion houses, and it prides itself on being the denim capital of the world. So naturally, the city is no stranger...

Circular housing

Amsterdam has long been a pioneer when it comes to innovative architecture and new housing solutions. As circular housing is not only sustainable, but...

This is the circular economy