Greener transport in Amsterdam

Looking at a city so in love with cycling as Amsterdam, you might be forgiven for not considering there might be a need for other eco-friendly modes of transport. But in fact, Amsterdam has been at the forefront of smart mobility for many years now. Boats, cars, buses and scooters are all going electric; so are all taxis going from Schiphol. And with a record number of charging stations for electric vehicles and efforts to steadily increase car sharing, the mobility revolution is well and truly underway. As such, Amsterdam is a natural home for companies such as New Motion, EVBox and, of course, Tesla.

“The municipality has realised that clean air is something that is important to society, and they have been a great partner to work with on the introduction of EVs, starting with the vehicle charging infrastructure.”Alef Arendsen, founder of New Motion

Smart mobility initiatives

In addition to the introduction of increasing numbers of electric vehicles, there are plenty of initiatives making the city’s roads a greener place. The City of Amsterdam’s Smart Mobility action programme looks into how new digital technologies can manage traffic much more effectively, taking into account public transport, pedestrians and cyclists as well as cars. Amsterdam’s thriving business and startup ecosystems are perfect breeding grounds for new schemes and groundbreaking innovations, and an abundance of talent and excellent connectivity mean fresh ideas face few hurdles on the way to becoming reality.

“Amsterdam is a breeding ground for innovative solutions in renewable energy. Being located here, we have a fantastic overview of these developments.”Li Ming, chief executive officer of Hanergy Holding Europe

So while cycling might still be the sort of smart mobility that Amsterdam is best known for, other green options certainly aren’t far behind.