Smart mobility in Amsterdam

The Amsterdam Area has a love for all things green, and that includes finding innovative ways to get around in the most environmentally friendly way. From shared mobility to smart parking: it's no wonder Amsterdam is at the forefront of smart mobility.

Working towards greener transport in Amsterdam

Looking at a city so in love with cycling as Amsterdam, you might be forgiven for not considering there might be a need for other eco-friendly modes of transport. But in fact, Amsterdam has been at the forefront of smart mobility for many years. Its relatively small surface area and high density of people and vehicles mean that as much as 90% of the city’s population don’t have their own parking space. A forward-thinking city government and a creative and enterprising local population make a virtue of necessity: the Amsterdam Area is buzzing with research, initiatives and businesses around smart mobility.

Boats, cars, buses and scooters are all going electric, as are all taxis going from the international airport Schiphol. Mobility as a Service (MaaS) is booming, with ViaVan, Felyx, ShareNow and others picking up where the extensive public transport system doesn’t quite fit the need. Next to this, Amsterdam has a record number of public EV charging stations globally and there are many social apps available to help you to find those charging points or a parking space. Charging station manufacturers EV Box and New Motion are also established in the area, as is the office of Tesla Europe.

Smart mobility even goes off-road and into the water with developments such as Roboat, a futuristic and autonomous robot boat that multi-tasks as a taxi, bridge, floating stage, waste collector and freight transporter, depending on what residents and the city need. And it doesn’t just end with mobility: batteries no longer suited for use in cars are being used to power entire football stadiums, and smart office buildings such as The Edge are known for their innovative and sustainable architecture worldwide.

The business climate for smart mobility in Amsterdam

In addition to the introduction of increasing numbers of electric vehicles, there are plenty of initiatives making the city’s roads a greener place. The City of Amsterdam’s Smart Mobility action programme looks into how new digital technologies can manage traffic much more effectively, taking into account public transport, pedestrians and cyclists as well as cars. Amsterdam’s thriving business and startup ecosystems are perfect breeding grounds for new schemes and groundbreaking innovations, and an abundance of talent and excellent connectivity mean fresh ideas face few hurdles on the way to becoming reality.

And so, while cycling might still be the sort of mobility that Amsterdam is best known for, other green options certainly aren’t far behind.

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