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Investment opportunities

There are plenty of attractive investment opportunities in the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area, one of five of the most stable and successful regions in Europe.

Strong international position

Amsterdam, the Dutch capital, is a cosmopolitan and cultural city with international allure, famous for its entrepreneurial spirit. The region holds a strong international position in financial and business services, ICT, media, the creative sector, higher education and logistics. It is a startup hub, holding interesting opportunities for investing in innovation and young, exciting businesses.  When it comes to real estate, property prices are still modest, though steadily rising; return on investments in residential real estate is solid and low risk. Because of the region’s growth, constant high demand in real estate is forecast.


Real estate

The Amsterdam Metropolitan Area offers attractive investment opportunities in real estate, from small-scale developments to grand new projects.

Invest in startup innovation

If you want to invest in the future, you invest in startups. Startup investment can be risky, yet rewarding business. No need to go to Silicon Valley ...

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How we can help

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