Amsterdam on film

All of this can be achieved within 15 minutes of a major international transport hub: Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. Even a picturesque beach, dunes and the sea can be reached in only 30 minutes.

Film Commission

Connecting professionals and offering expert guidance, anyone seeking to shoot a movie, commercial, photo or documentary in the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area is invited to contact the Amsterdam Film Commission. This is an expansive, quick and custom service to aid film production within the city and beyond.

Thanks to the presence of some of the largest independent production companies in the world (EyeworksEndemol, etc) and also with the traditions from a century of filmmaking in Amsterdam, the Film Commission can offer experienced crews, talented casts, excellent studio facilities and state-of-the-art post-production houses.

Your personal Film Commissioner can be your guide from pre-production through to screening the finished product.

Not simply specialising in technical solutions, the Amsterdam Film Commission can also help to arrange accommodation, office space and even legal advice.

Filming benefits:

  • The Film Commission offers a quick response to your needs, no matter your time zone, free of charge.
  • Tailor-made solutions for all filming and production requirements.
  • Production staff will be based in Amsterdam, guaranteeing not only a professional environment for work, but also a renowned atmosphere for dining, drinking and socialising.
  • Short travel distances within the Netherlands. From an Amsterdam base, all areas of the country can be reached within two hours.
  • The local population of Amsterdam is at ease with filming and movie stardom and won’t disrupt on-street production, even when big-name talents are present.

Past experiences

Many production companies and broadcasters have already enjoyed successful projects in the Amsterdam Area.

Renowned international names include: NBC, Globo, ZDF, BBC and Osaka TV. As for Hollywood, Ridley Scott’s RSA Films and Steven Soderbergh have made exceptional use of the city – particularly ‘Ocean’s 12’, which brought the likes of Brad Pitt and George Clooney to the streets of Amsterdam.

Locally, the city is also proud to host established advertising agencies such as Wieden+Kennedy and broadcasters such as MTV.


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