Updated 30 August 2022

Paying back financial support

Government financial support packages for companies affected during the pandemic have come to an end. In some cases, businesses may have to begin repaying part of the support money received. This depends on whether the money received was a loan, your turnover was higher than expected, or you were granted a tax payment extension.

  • NOW (wage costs) and TVL (fixed costs): Money received from these schemes does not generally need to be repaid unless your turnover was higher than expected. For NOW, if your turnover loss was less than 20% contact the Employee Insurance Agency UWV for a final settlement after each application period. For TVL, if your turnover loss was less than 30%, the Netherlands Enterprise Agency will settle repayment
  • Tozo income support: You must repay the business loan received from Tozo. The income support does not need to be repaid unless your income was higher than expected
  • TONK: The benefit to cover rent or mortgage costs or municipality bills is generally not expected to be repaid, but this depends on the municipality that provided it
  • Corona bridging loans: Business loans such as KKC and TOA need to be repaid. Here are links to specific information for each loan
  • Tax payment extension: If you successfully applied for a tax payment extension before 31 March 2022, you must start repaying the tax debt accrued. Tax debt need not be fully repaid for five years (before 1 October 2027), but the first repayment must be made between 1 and 31 October 2022. Since most information on taxes is in Dutch, you can speak to an adviser in English on the Tax Information Line on +31(0)800 0543

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While this is a useful guide, for the most comprehensive information check the Dutch government’s business webpage which offers advice in English and links to organisations that can provide more guidance. If you need more guidance, check out the FAQ for entrepreneurs.

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