Social Entrepreneurship Action Programme: Progress Report

Find out our progress so far: download the latest report about our action programme

Line of action: establish facts and figures

Objective: research and collect information about social entrepreneurship in Amsterdam


  • create an overview of requirements of the ecosystem and ideas for measures
  • compile facts and figures relating to the ecosystem
  • develop a system to measure the effect of the action programme (PDF) and to report the results

Line of action: strengthen network and environment of social enterprises

Objective: provide an ideal environment for social entrepreneurship


  • develop a portal and app for the social entrepreneurship ecosystem
  • work with the municipality to further develop the interface
  • establish sufficient amount of locations/work spaces for social enterprises
  • attract and develop events with national and international appeal

Line of action: promote and create jobs/assignments for social enterprises

Objective: increase profits of social enterprises


  • explore options for City as lead buyer; develop guide for societal value with Social Enterprise NL 
  • organise matchmaking meetings and trade missions
  • Global Impact Business Fellowship
  • support competitions

Line of action: help raise more capital for social enterprises

Objective: ensure there is sufficient capital for social enterprises in all phases of development


  • make available municipal moneys such as funds and programme budgets and research Amsterdam Fund for Social Entrepreneurship
  • initiate or join European projects within the framework of calls of the European Commission
  • strengthen connections and collaboration with different kinds of capital in all phases of development of Amsterdam-based social enterprises

Line of action: strengthen entrepreneurial skills

Objective: offer a varied range of tools to social entrepreneurs for improving their entrepreneurial skills


  • promote participation in existing programmes and tools 
  • improve exchange of expertise and network between entrepreneurs, so they can learn from each other (e.g. as role models or through coaching)

Line of action: branding of Amsterdam as the number-one location for social entrepreneurship

Objective: connect partners within Amsterdam’s ecosystem, raise awareness and appreciation of social entrepreneurs and attract national and international social entrepreneurs, talent, impact investors and events with national and international appeal


embed social entrepreneurship in existing Amsterdam branding as well as developing specific social entrepreneurship branding