The Integrated Capital Network has been co-created by Generous Minds and Impact Hub Amsterdam together with Amsterdam Impact, the City of Amsterdam’s Social Entrepreneurship action programme, to strengthen Amsterdam’s impact ecosystem, improve access to capital for impact entrepreneurs, and support the cooperation of diverse financiers.

“When we developed the Social Entrepreneurship action programme, we talked to financiers who signalled a pressing need for increased cooperation, both with their peers and investors focused on other stages of the business life cycle. In its role as a convenor, the municipality brought these financiers together to co-develop the Integrated Capital Network”, says Ellen Oetelmans, Amsterdam Impact Program Manager.

Funding and expertise for impact entrepreneurs

The financiers in the Integrated Capital Network, which includes private investors, banks, foundations and venture capital firms, perform joint assessments during each Integrated Capital Lab to support the participating entrepreneurs with a mix of financial resources, business expertise and networking opportunities. By working closely with entrepreneurs in their current growth stages, as well as mapping the next steps for funding, financiers can reduce risk, increase the chances of business success and maximise social impact.

Meet the Integrated Capital Network members

The members of the Integrated Capital Network, which have helped co-create the network since its inception, are DOEN Foundation, OnePlanetCrowd, SI2 Fund, Heroes & Friends, ABN AMRO Social Impact Fund, ABN Sustainable Finance Desk, Triodos Business Credit, Rabobank Foundation, City of Amsterdam, Impact Hub Amsterdam, and Generous Minds.

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